Overwintering in Norway

The Norwegian Dept of Customs and Excise has recently published a suggestion for  new regulations regarding storing foreign yachts in Norway. The suggested changes to the law states that it will be allowed to store a foreign yacht anywhere in the country, also outside a bonded Custom storage. No VAT deposit will be required. You will need permission from Customs before placing the boat in storage, and a special application form will be made for this purpose. Further the suggested new law states that permission for VAT exemption can be granted for up to 12 months, with a further 12 months after application.

The suggested new text has is open for public comment until August 29 2011 (in Norwegian "høring" - a compulsory requirement where interested parties can voice their opinion before changes are implemented). From the published text it seems authorities plan to implement the new law this year, which may be important for some of you currently cruising Norway.

For the suggested new law text (in Norwegian only) follow the link:

Google trans

(As formulated by Hans Jakob Valderhaug)

Customs website in English according to Google.


Wallas varmere

Driftsikker båtvarmer med lavt forbruk og stille gange. Forleng sesongen.


Rolex Fastnet Race

Rune Aasberg med mannskap er med i "Solo".
Siste fra Seilmagasinet15.08.2011, 13:47

Ser ut som om de ender på en 10. plass i klassen. Bra! Interaktiviteten ikke så bra.

Magdahl navigerer om bord i "Team Sanya". Aksel's blogg.

Du kan tracke dem her. Solo har hatt problemer med trackingen.