Rescued off northern Spitsbergen

Hamblin had dreamed about sailing around Svalbard's largest island, Spitsbergen, since he was last on a sailing trip on Svalbard in the 80s. The goal was to sail around the island through Hinlopenstredet.
With water to their knees, and while the boat sank beneath them, the two British sailors managed to scramble into a rubber dinghy.
- When the ship began to sink, I tried to throw the liferaft over the side, but it did not open as it should. With water above my knees I had to locate the pump in order to get the rubber dinghy inflated, says Christopher Hamblin (74) to NRK.
Together with previous work colleague and longstanding friend, John McManus (75), he was sailing around Spitsbergen when the incident occurred, Tuesday night.
On Wednesday, Sept. 5th 2012, they were rescued off the northern tip of Spitsbergen.
It took between two and three hours from the beacon was triggered, until the Governor's Super Puma helicopter had picked them up.

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